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There is a huge number of the publications connected with the description of various effects caused by presence, behavior,, etc. the interviewer. Considerable efforts go to, that if not to remove then to minimize consequences of these effects. Not replacement of the person by the car, but successful fight with traditional of interviewers appears one of the main advantages of application of new technologies. As the part of powers of the last to equipment, people make the decisions connected with technology of interviewing less often and, therefore, make certain types of mistakes less often.

In the instruction it is also desirable to call the principles of selection of (though, of course, the anketer too tells it to them). That fact that their participation in research is predetermined not by someone's whim, and proved scientifically, as if more obliges to work on the questionnaire, acts in the opinion of respondents as one more in favor of conscientious participation in research.

In the instruction it is necessary to emphasize importance of expression of estimates, value of personal opinion of the respondent. Formation of installation on cooperation is also promoted also by such message — an appeal to conscientious filling of the questionnaire.

It would seem, personal contact of the interviewer with saves time for procedure. But the analysis of reports of interviewers VCIOM, for example, did not confirm it: on average on filling of questionnaires less time, than on was spent. However in rural areas the opposite is observed. Dealing with a large number of poorly educated people, the prefers to read itself the questionnaire and to fill in it from dictation of the respondent, but not to expect until that writes, corrects, will transport.

Thirdly, to address audience and to report about research objectives and modes of work with the questionnaire. The audience should present Anketer if it is created without his participation. The head or the representative given an, the organizations, the head of research can make it; it is desirable that the official position of this person was leading. And it is difficult for that someone acted as an anketer and even his assistant, familiar to respondents as this acquaintance influences answers to predict, in what direction.

Interview to the assistant — to a case if the interviewer has to concentrate on conducting conversation is sometimes conducted, ­ fixes its course and answers of the respondent. In that case the assistant should be in sight of the respondent, but somewhere within lateral visibility, but not in the center as presence of the third parties always influences communication process, and to this or that measure distorting answers of the respondent.

Anketer should keep record to whom, in hour the questionnaire is given at distribution of questionnaires when behind it to come and/or who and when returns it. Besides usefulness actually of records, also that if the respondent sees is important here how the fact of transfer of the questionnaire is fixed, he is once again convinced of gravity of intentions of an anketer and that similar procedure — part of well fulfilled process. The serious relation of an anketer partly and thus is transferred to the respondent.

As the texts sent to the respondent appear means of a here only, the special attention should be paid both to the questionnaire, and various additional materials providing with the respondent.

Possibilities of interviewing are very wide that gives rise to the Set of kinds of interview and their classifications. Without stopping on them here, we will note only that the organizational problems, general and for its versions, which during can usually arise.

In general the instruction has to be correct and sustained in polite tone. So, if for data processing in the questionnaire ­ considerable number of various figures, not all from which have to be marked by the respondent, it is necessary to explain that follows, and that it is not necessary to lead round, emphasize, etc.

As it is known that in many cases almost each copy of the periodical has more than one reader, it is expedient to print in the questionnaire that it can be copied Certainly when it does not contradict substantial of research).