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How to outline your drawings on virtue 4 simple ways to the writing process

Classical parachutism - includes two exercises: the first - jumps on landing accuracy. The task consists in defeat of a target of 3 cm in size. Earlier, at round domes, the target was big (a circle, with a diameter of 100 subway, and the deviation in 80 meters was rather quite good result. With improvement of equipment the target decreased in sizes. After emergence of a slot-hole dome of UT-15 the target began to have the size of 10 cm, and after the invention of domes "the planning cover" a target accepted the sizes which exist and today. At the moment for a victory at competitions it is necessary to show a series of results with a deviation in 0 centimeters.

In general extreme tourism one of the most perspective types of tourism which attracts to itself more and more people. There are new places for active recreation as artificial, for example ski resorts, so the places created by the nature about which people earlier and did not know, for example a cave. And that this type of tourism actively develops is visible at least from this that there are all its new types.