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The new science – genetic engineering – combines the methods of molecular biology and genetics connected with purposeful designing of the new, not existing in the nature combinations of genes. For example, the gene taken from cages of a scorpion can be connected to special molecules of DNA of corn or to add a human gene to a pig that the animal became more brawny and less fat.

And now France together with other European countries resisting against the unprecedented earlier genetically changed products is obliged to let in them on the on fields and counters. For calm of the population the Council of Europe obliges the producer to specify presence of transgenetic ingredient on packings of products.

We work in an environment of huge space and earth's environment, and, besides, Earth itself is space a body, and we should not forget about it. We belittle its value as it seems to us very material and firm a little. We are inclined to attach mystical significance to some things, even such important, as a sunlight as they come to us from far away. But there is more to come. Together with other space bodies, we make one enormous space environment. If we work in this environment, means we work in system of the nature. And it is organic agriculture, and not just use of organic or mineral fertilizer.