5 Simple Ways To Build A Fictional World

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The major for Buddhists is the concept of a Dharma — it represents Buddha's doctrine, the highest truth which he opened for all beings. "Dharma" literally means "support", "that supports". The word "Dharma" means moral virtue in the Buddhism, first of all — it is moral and spiritual qualities of Buddha to which believers have to imitate. Besides, Dharmas — it is final elements on which, from the point of view of Buddhists, the existence stream breaks.

The way Buddha called "median" as it lay between usual sensual life and ascetic practice, passing extremes of that and another. Buddha spent 45 years, distributing the doctrine in India. On Buddhist sources, it won adherents among the most different sectors of society; the great number of rich and influential people, including the tsar of the state Magadkh Bimbisara and his son Adzhatashatra was among followers of the Buddhism.

Just as in the pond which grew with blue lotuses or in the pond which grew with red lotuses or in the pond which grew with white lotuses, one lotuses which are given rise in water, grew in water do not rise over water, others, given rise in water, grown in water, there are level with a water surface, and the third, given rise in water, grown in water, having risen over water, stand so that water does not concern them".