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At the child who is admitted to school it has to be developed and up to standard esthetic taste, and here a paramount role belongs to a family. Esthetic taste develops and in the course of drawing attention of the preschool child to the phenomena of everyday life, to subjects, a life environment.

In training of children for school education in them "qualities of the public", abilities to live is of great importance and works in collective. Therefore one of conditions of formation of children's positive relationship is support by the tutor of needs of nature of children in communication. Communication has to have voluntary and benevolent nature. Communication of children — a necessary element of preparation for school, and the kindergarten can provide the greatest possibility of its realization first of all.

Training of children for school in kindergarten includes two main objectives: comprehensive education (physical, intellectual, moral, and special preparation for assimilation of school subjects.

Production at children of idea of occupations as important activity for acquisition of knowledge. On the basis of this representation at the child the active behavior on occupations is developed (careful performance of tasks, attention to words of the tutor);

The following condition of successful education and development is development at the child of ability to overcome difficulties. The begun business is important to accustom children to finish. Many parents understand, the desire to study therefore they tell the child about school, about teachers and about the knowledge acquired at school is how important at the child. All this causes desire to study, creates the positive relation to school. Further it is necessary to prepare the preschool child for inevitable difficulties in the doctrine. The consciousness of a preodolimost of these difficulties helps the child to belong to the possible failures correctly.

The tutor, working with children but occupations, has to consider an originality of each family and give to parents tactful advice, pedagogically educating them; to recruit them in kindergarten actions; to achieve mutual understanding, the uniform direction of the pedagogical influences directed on training of the child for school. Also communication with school, orientation to its program and requirements which it imposes to pupils is important.

It is also necessary to teach to draw, mold, cut out, to paste, design. Doing this is the child endures pleasure of creativity, reflects the impressions, the emotional state. Drawing, designing, a molding open before us to teach the child to see, analyze surrounding subjects, it is correct to perceive their color, a form, size, a ratio of parts, their spatial ratio. At the same time it gives the chance to teach the child to work consistently., to plan the actions, to compare results that is set, conceived. And all these abilities too will be extremely important at school.

Among functions which are carried out by kindergarten in system of national education, besides all-round development of the child, training of children for school figures prominently. From that, the preschool child will be how qualitatively and in due time prepared, success of his further training in many respects depends.

Informative tasks connect to problems of formation of moral and strong-willed qualities and the decision them is carried out in close interrelation: the cognitive interest induces the child to activity, inquisitiveness development is promoted, and by ability to show persistence, diligence, has impact on quality of activity therefore preschool children rather strongly acquire a training material.